Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ebay Pickup - 2009 Topps Unique Nolan Reimold Gold Parallel

Probably a forgotten set from the past, I had my fill of Topps Unique quickly after it first came out and judging by how it hasn't popped up again, it looks like most of the consumers did as well.  That being said, the set was ok.  There were a few decent Orioles RCs at the time, namely Nolan Reimold and Koji Uehara.  I hod completely forgotten that there were gold parallels in the set until I saw this Nolan Reimold parallel on Ebay for $1.25, buy it now.

So, I picked up the card for my Nolan PC, I mean, numbered to 99 and at that price (with free shipping), I couldn't go wrong.  So, I now have the gold parallel. I don't know if there are any lower numbered parallels, so I guess I need to take a look and see.  The card scanned pretty nicely as well, as you can see.  I wonder if Topps will ever try again with Unique.  I think the premise was the opportunity to get good hits, like buttons and laundry tags or something like that.  I never got one, that's for sure.

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