Sunday, August 17, 2014

Instagram Pickup - 1967 Topps Partial Set

I was very pleased recently when I got a message out of the blue on Instagram from a fellow who also enjoyed building vintage Topps sets.  Rob, was his name, messaged me telling me he had a ew partial sets of various years of Topps and was gauging my interest in some of them.  One of which was a partial 1967 Topps set for a very reasonable price.

The cards were low to mid grade, but mostly nice.  There are a handful that I will upgrade due to paper loss or writing on the cards, but most of them were fine.  I already had a handful of 1967s here that I had been hoarding, so I upgraded a few and even plugged a few holes in the set with them.

In all, from Rob, I got 254 of the possible 609 cards in the set, or approximately 42% of the set.  I haven't added my Aaron or Mantle to the set, yet, as I haven't officially begun the set.  I want to try to get 1959 and 1969 finished first, that way I can do 1967 and maybe 1972.  Hopefully, that will be really soon (especially 1959).

Thanks for the deal, Rob.  If anyone is interested, he has partial sets of 1969 and 1971 Topps and can be reached via his website,

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