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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instagram Trade With Shawn - 2014 Topps Target Red Orioles

I completed another trade with Shawn from Instagram, part of the Shawn, Sean and Alex trio of Cubs fans that I have been conversing with on there lately.  This time around, I sent Shawn some Cubs cards in exchange for three 2014 Topps Target red parallel Orioles: Adam Jones (above), Miguel Gonzalez and Brian Matusz.

Shawn is really easy to trade with and I have sent him a couple care packages in return and also a Levon Washington autograph that I got for a steal on Ebay.

The triumvirate of Shawn, Sean and Alex are all really good guys and I plan on trading with each of them again in the future.  I know this because I have piles building up for each of them that I plan on sending, once I feel that they are big enough to send out.

I've really enjoyed the interactions I've had with folks on Instagram.  It has opened up a whole new forum for trading, and I feel like, for the most part, I've had a positive experience.  There are a couple kids on there who need to be taught some manners, but mostly, they are all good folks.  These three guys are definitely some of the better ones I've met.

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