Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Surprise Package From Michael S.

Surprises make me happy. Surprise packages from fellow collectors whom I've built a great rapport with that include cards for my son make me even happier.  I've been talking with Michael S. since I was on my vacation and I picked him up some 1958 Topps set needs.  He's a really super guy who coaches football at a local high school in Texas.  An Astros and Rangers fan (mainly Astros), Michael has been talking to me via Kik messenger every day since our initial contact a month ago.

Michael sent me a really nice package of some Bowman Chrome Orioles (most notably this Nolan Reimold from the Futures Game) and a few other Orioles cards.
Additionally, Michael included some Giants cards for my son, Chris.  The above Pablo Sandoval Bowman Chrome rookie blew me away when I saw it.  This card is really awesome and I know Chris will feel the same when he sees it (he is at his grandparents' house right now).

So, thanks for the surprise, Michael.  I really appreciate it!  We'll have to continue to do more trading in the future as well as continue our conversations on sports, life and collecting.  Thanks!

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