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Monday, August 4, 2014

Instagram/Youtube Trade With Jake

I have met a lot of interesting people while trading on Instagram since I started on there back in November.  A good many of them, I call friends.  Apparently, in my "just being me", I have earned a reputation as being one of the nicest traders on there.  I do my best, for sure, but I act on there the same way I act everywhere else, respectful, professional, friendly.  One of the guys I've met on there who has struck me as one of the most appreciative and genuine is a kid named Jake Ignaszewski.  He is primarily a YouTuber, but also does some trading on Instagram as well.  I traded with him before and got a Derek Jeter minor league card.  In return, I sent Jake some Red Sox and Astros cards, his favorite teams, along with a Bryce Harper RC (the original piece of my end of the deal).  Jake posted a really awesome YouTube video recap of the trade, which made me really happy.

So, I added Jake to my regular roster of trade partners and when he asked me for a couple Kris Bryant cards, I didn't hesitate to oblige him.  In return, he sent me some Orioles base cards from 2005 and the above 1991 Topps Frank Thomas second year card.  Jake mistakenly thought this was the Big Hurt's rookie card, but that card is 1990 Topps.  No big deal to me, I still like the card and am glad he sent it.

The monetary value of the card is probably far less than what I gave up, but that wasn't my reasoning behind making the deal in the first place.  Jake is a young guy who has a great enthusiasm for cards.  He might not be able to go out and buy cases of Topps, but the cards he has, he cherishes.  So, for me to be able to dip into my Bowman stash and give him a couple cards he was looking for, well, that was reward enough for me.

I really enjoy helping young folks grow their collections and I also enjoy being a mentor of sorts for them in the hobby.  I have been surprised by the amount of questions I get from people on a daily basis, from which sets to build, how to build sets, how to do TTM, who to send to TTM, etc.  I suppose you could call me a grizzled veteran of the hobby now, and I figure that's about right.  I started in 1990, stopped in 1996 and then started back up in 2005.  That makes about 15 years experience in the hobby, so I guess I know what I'm talking about from time to time.  I just enjoy helping people and making this hobby grow by providing a positive example, because, we all know there are bad elements in the hobby.  From certain card buyers who you see being used as the face of the hobby (you all know who I'm talking about) to some card/memorabilia shop owners who make you feel like you are inconveniencing them by setting foot in their stores, the hobby needs better people in it.

So, I appreciate Jake, and all of the other young folks I have met while trading on Instagram.  I feel like the hobby has a bright future.

Thanks for the trade, Jake, I know we will do many more.  Also, if anyone would like to check out Jake's YouTube, here is a link.

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