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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Review - The Buckle Up Birds

When I saw the ad on for the Buckle Up Birds DVD, I was ecstatic.  A DVD chronicling the  meteoric rise of the Orioles and their improbable 2012 season?  Yes, PLEASE!  So, when I picked up the DVD at Fan Fest for $25, I couldn't wait to get back to Ryan's place and watch it.  Orioles fans won't be disappointed in reliving the moments of the awesome 2012 Season, except for the end.  The DVD ends the same each time, the O's lose to the Yankees in 5 games.  Boo.

My only wish would be for them to have some full games as part of the special features, such as the May 6, 2012 game where Chris Davis picked up the win in the 18th inning.  Or the September 6, 2012 game where the O's hit 3 home runs to beat the Yankees and tie for First Place.  Or the Wild Card play-in game.

If you are an Orioles fan and haven't picked up The Buckle Up Birds, what are you waiting for?

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