Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas From the Dime Box

I don't think I'm in the minority here when I say this, but I think Nick's blog 'Dime Boxes - The Low End Baseball Collector's Journey' is one of the best blogs out there.  If I could write half as well as he does, this blog would be pretty epic.  Oh well, I do what I can.  That being said, Nick is also a really awesome guy.  He sent me a Christmas package a few weeks ago that had a bunch of Orioles stuff and some cards for my PCs.  The above Frank Robinson is really nice.  I always enjoy some Donruss Diamond Kings.  It really is a 'Hall of Fame Heroes' but come on, you know it is a Diamond King.  I know it is a Diamond King.  Even Jeffrey Lebowski knows it is a Diamond King.
You can never go wrong with including some Bob Feller cards in any trade package directed towards me.  Feller is one of my all time favorites.  These Fleer Greats cards are pretty nice.  I have the Brooks Robinson from this set as well.
Finally, I got this really sharp looking Brooks Robinson from 2003 Fleer Fall Classic.  Tell me again how Fleer went out of business?  They had some really nice stuff.  What a shame.

Anyway, thanks again Nick for the awesome package!  I really appreciate it.  If you guys aren't following Nick's blog, please follow it and read it, you will definitely not be disappointed!

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Nick said...

Thanks for the kind words, William! Glad you liked everything.

Plus, as you probably already know, any post that references The Big Lebowski is a definite winner in my book.