Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Mail From Weston

I was surprised with a nice Christmas package the other day from Weston over at Fantastic Catch.  Weston and I have traded a decent amount since he began blogging last February.  He sent me a nice stack of Orioles along with some Andrew McCutchen cards and a couple things for my son.  One of the coolest cards was the above Matt Wieters from 2012 Panini Triple Play.  Since Wieters isn't in any Topps stuff, his cards are hard to find.  I was really glad to see him in this stack from Weston.
Weston also sent me some Panini Cooperstown cards.  I really like this set.  I might have to find a box of these to bust.  Maybe after 2013 Series One Topps comes out.  I kind of like the above Frank Robinson card.  Yeah, I know, there isn't any photo of Frank to be seen, but I think that is ok.  The card reminds me of the Hall of Fame spotlight posts I was doing a couple years ago (does anyone miss them?).
Finally, here is another Panini Cooperstown, this time of Eddie Murray.  Pretty nice card.  They didn't have to cut off half of his head to hide the O's logo, either.

Thanks for the package, Weston!  Everyone should go follow Weston's blog, if you aren't already.  He posts pretty regularly, does box breaks, group breaks, etc.  I'm sure there is a ton on his blog that will interest you.

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