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Friday, August 12, 2022

2022 National Free Signer - Bill Madlock

Bill Madlock was another of the free VIP signers who I was able to get at the National, but had already gotten in the past.  Thankfully, I had a bunch of Madlock's cards, still, so I added some nice early 80s to my autograph album.  The above 1981 Topps turned out really well.  I always enjoy this set, and was glad that I had it among the few loose 81s I still have left.
I also added a 1982 Topps and a 1983 Topps to the album, since I ended up with three vouchers for Madlock.

He was pretty nice, and I should have posed for a selfie, but I was in a rush to get everything signed that I had with me, so I didn't pose with Madlock.

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