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Saturday, August 13, 2022

2022 National Free Signer - Roy White

Roy White was another signer that I had seen before at a past National.  A few years ago, he was a last minute replacement for Steve Garvey at the VIP party.  This year, he was a free signer during the Wednesday portion of the show.  I had gotten him in the past on a baseball.  This year, I had 2 cards and 2 vouchers that I could use.  The above 1984 Topps came from a card shop I had stopped at in New Jersey back in June.  I was glad to add this to the album.
I also had this 1980 Topps, which turned out nicely.  I liked how White signed along the bat shown on the card, and not the faux autograph printed on the card.

White was pretty nice, but I didn't try for a selfie with him.  We weren't sure at the time who would be cool with one or not, so we just went through the line and moved along.

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