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Friday, August 5, 2022

2022 National Paid Signer - Jeff Bagwell

This year's National had several signers, who I had cards put aside for that I just wanted to get signed.  One of those cards was this 1995 Topps Finest Total Bases Jeff Bagwell that I pulled out of a box of 1995 Topps a long time ago.  The card kept popping up when I would look through cards, so I decided to try to get it signed some day.  I also wanted to meet Bagwell, so it worked out at this year's National.
Bagwell was really nice, and allowed for me to pose quickly for a selfie.  I don't usually go for the selfies, but I figured I would go for it, especially since it helps for content purposes.

I was glad to get the card signed, even though it didn't scan all that well.  Bagwell, himself, liked the card, so that was cool.

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