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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2022 National Paid Signer - Dave Parker

Dave Parker was one of the paid signers at this year's National that I just wanted to meet in person.  I didn't have any special cards of his put aside, so I went to Ebay and bought this 2002 Upper Seck SP Legendary Cuts.  The card looks great.
Parker's signature is getting shakier.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson's a while back, and it seems to be taking a toll.  That was the main reason why I wanted to get him in person.  He was nice enough, but you could tell the disease has him worn down.  The guy should be in the Hall of Fame, as well.

I enjoyed meeting Parker, and at that price point, it was a no-brainer.

1 comment:

Fuji said...

Big fan of Parker. I'm hoping he gets the call from Cooperstown one of these days.