Tuesday, November 15, 2016

TTM Success - Al Bumbry

A TTM request I sent back in May finally came Saturday when I received 6 cards from former Oriole, Al Bumbry.  I have met Bumbry at Camden Yards, and also got a ball signed by him in a Tristar Mystery box, but I wanted to see if I could get a TTM return of him on some cards I've had for years in an Orioles album.  I had so many cards to choose from for Bumbry, I really enjoyed the selection process of what I wanted to send him.  I didn't have any cards signed from this 1993 Ted Williams product, so I figured this one would look nice.  The auto smeared just a touch, but the card still looks great!
This card marks only the fourth 1974 that I have been able to get signed.  I don't have any bulk '74s at all, so that year is very under represented in my auto album.
I have quite a few 75s, thanks to my buddy, Max, but the one I got from Bumbry (top left) was in my album.  I probably got the card when I was building the 75 set years ago.  Same with the other cards in this scan.  They all came out of my O's album.  Now, they will be transferred into my autograph album.  Speaking of albums, I have not started my third autograph album, after filling up two others to capacity with IP/TTM autos.

Bumbry (b. 1947) played in the majors from 1972 to 1985 for the Orioles and Padres.  He had 1,422 hits, 54 home runs and a .281 career average.  He was the 1973 AL Rookie of the Year.  He was an All Star in 1980 and finished 13th in the AL MVP voting (his only time on the ballot).  Bumbry won the World Series with the O's in 1983 and appeared on the 1991 Hall of Fame ballot, but did not receive any votes.

I mailed to Bumbry on May 2 and got the cards back on November 12, for a 194-day TAT.

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