Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chris Davis 2016 Topps Ebay Pickups

I picked up a few versions of the Chris Davis 2016 Topps/Topps Chrome recently for an attempt at a rainbow.  I always try to get what I can whe I see it on Ebay, even though I know the rainbow is almost impossible.

This 2016 Topps Factory Set Exclusive Foil Sparkle was something I didn't even know existed.  When I saw it on my Ebay feed, I picked it up for a great price.  This one is numbered 71/177 (why they're numbered to 177, I have no idea, but that's ok.  The card looks great!
A more traditional offering from Topps, here is a black parallel numbered 29/65.  This one was pretty cheap, considering how much black parallels can end up going for.
Finally, here is a green refractor from 2016 Topps Chrome.  This is numbered 6/99.  These parallels always look great.  I just wish Topps would bring back the bubble refractors.

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