Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ebay Pickup - 2012 Topps Chris Davis Blank Back 1/1

While I am not a fan of the concept, I saw a deal on Ebay and jumped on this 2012 Topps Chris Davis Blank Back 1/1.  I got the card for $4.25 + $3.50 shipping.  The seller was actually someone I had talked to briefly on Instagram, but couldn't reach a deal.  He wanted a lot more for the card that I really wanted to give up, plus he didn't have the Topps Vault certificate that came with it.  When I saw it on Ebay, I went ahead and put a bid in, thinking I would be outbid.
I won the card and got it a lot later than I thought I would.  The kid didn't communicate at all, and for my $3.50 I paid in shipping, I got a card + top loader + PWE, all with one Forever Stamp.  Well less than the $3.50 shipping.  I messaged the kid on Instagram and told him he should reconsider his shipping pricing, yet I left a positive feedback.  The card did come in as described.

I'm not a fan of the blank back 1/1 concept.  It's just kind of dumb and really serves no purpose.  However, it is something I can add to the Davis PC.

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