Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TTM Success - Wayne Comer

I received a TTM success in the mail today from another former Seattle Pilot.  This time, I got cards back from Wayne Comer.  This 1970 Topps came from a buying trip at the antique shop in Columbia back in April, and I am glad I picked it up.  My goal was to add a few autographs of former Pilots players (and other defunct teams) and I feel like I have done pretty well.
My friend, Caleb, helped me out with the project when he sent me about five or so cards from a Pilots team set that he had.  Comer's signature is kind of tough to see on this card, but it is there.  This card shows the Pilots uniform a lot better than the 1970 Topps does.

Comer (b. 1944) played in the majors from 1967 to 1970 and 1972 for the Tigers, Pilots, Brewers and Senators.  He had 157 hits, 16 home runs and a career average of .229.  He made one plate appearance in the 1968 World Series with the Tigers and collected a hit (and a ring).

I mailed to Comer on November 1 and got the cards back today for an 8-day TAT.

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