Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amazing Mail From the Commish

Amazing.  I got an email the other day from Commish Bob saying he had some 1959 Topps cards for my want list.  I thought, cool, he will help me knock off two or three cards.  Heh.  I got more than two or three cards.  Try 45.
There weren't any huge stars, but there were some big names.  Like the above Elston Howard.  This is a really awesome card, even thought I am definitely not a Yankee fan.  I do appreciate their history and I know Howard was a key component of their history.
 Here is one of another really good player, Rocky (Rocco) Colavito.  Power hitting Colavito played from 1955 to 1968 and hit 374 home runs over his career.  Not too bad!
Finally, here is one from a great TTM signer, Bob Turley.  Turley is also a former Yankee (blehh) but he is also a former Oriole (Yaaay!), and he signed a bell for me TTM a while back, so he is alright in my book.

I really don't know what to say, Commish Bob really came through for me and I really wasn't expecting it.  All of the cards he sent me were ones that had been upgraded in his set, but they fit right into mine, condition-wise.  I think there might be 2 out of the whole stack that I will end up changing out in the end.

Thanks, Commish!  I'm going to have to hook you up with some Orioles stuff, if I can part with any of it.  Thanks again!  Check out the Commish's blog, '59 Topps: one f/g card at a time.

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Ryan H said...

Commish Bob is a great trader. He sent me some awesome stuff last summer. BTW, your scanner really hates white bordered cards.