Sunday, March 25, 2012

Burt Sugar 1937 - 2012

Famed boxing writer Burt Sugar died today at the age of 75.  I know next to nothing about him, except that he was probably one of the most well known boxing writers around.
I decided to put this post up because I held onto this Burt Sugar auto after I got it as a redemption from Topps Co-Signers.  It is one of the few non-baseball autos that I own.  The card is a really nice card, ever for a sticker auto.

I feel bad for the boxing profession.  I know Sugar worked hard as a boxing writer to continue to bring relevance to the sport, but it really has ceased to be relevant for a long time now.  The days of boxing being a huge draw with the likes of Ali-Frazier appear to be over.  I couldn't even tell you who the heavyweight champion is.  I'm sure there are people who legitimately think Rocky Balboa was a former champion.

Anyway, I'm sad that Sugar passed, boxing sure could have used him to keep the torch burning.  I love this card, by the way.  It sure is pretty awesome, I'm glad I have it.

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