Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taking Tonight Off

I have been blogging non-stop since sometime in December or January.  I haven't gotten much mail lately, even though I got 3 DVDs in the mail today.  I've sent packages out, but few have come in.  My TTMs are stalled out with 10 out pending.  Who knows if any of those will come back.  I got in the truck this morning to find out someone reached in and took my XM receiver.  They took the receiver and power cord, but left the antenna...  Umm, it won't work without the antenna.  Good job dumm dumm. 

It has just been a long, crappy week.  Tomorrow is Friday, so maybe the thought of a nice weekend will help.  I hope I'll get some trade proposals.  I hope I'll hear from a few bloggers who have disappeared for whatever reason.  I hope one of my mailers will be in my mailbox.  I hope the Pacific is as blue as it is in my dreams.  I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.  I hope.  Oh, wait, I got caught up with an inner monologue that eerily sounded like Morgan Freeman...  Interesting.


Play at the Plate said...

I've taken a lot of nights off the last two weeks. I hope all those things you're looking forward to come to pass!

When I get my act together, we'll do another trade!

Ryan H said...

Sorry to hear about your XM getting jacked. That totally sucks!

Commishbob said...

William I'm out on the road for a few days but when I get home I'll look through my '59s and see what I can do for you. I printed your want list.

I've got satellite radio too and I'd go batsh@t i had to live without it for long. Hope it works out.