Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Mail From Andrew

I said in this post last week that I have found some new trade partners in Weston and Andrew.  They both are really good kids who are just getting into card collecting and blogging.  One of my missions with this blog has been to help educate people on card collecting and set building and I am always happy to help out with someone's set and PC needs.

I sent Andrew an assortment of Cardinals cards as well as a 2012 Topps Gold Rush Aroldis Chapman, since Chapman was his favorite player.  He totally surprised me when he emailed me and told me what he had sent my way:

He sent this 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper!  Very awesome of Andrew to send this to me.  Did I mention that he was a really nice kid?  He also included a card for Chris:
He also included a bunch of Orioles cards, including the below Matt Wieters 2010 Upper Deck RC.

Thanks so much Andrew.  I really hope you liked the stuff I sent.  I thought this was a great package from you.  If you all haven't gone to his blog, yet, please check it out and follow him:  ANDREW'S BASEBALL CARDS.

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