Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mail From Anthony - Earl Weaver SIgned Ticket

Back in August of 2010, I purchased a Juan Marichal ball from Anthony.  You might remember him.  He used to run the blog called 'Mike Pelfrey Collectibles.'  Sadly, that blog is no more.  I believe he blogs about women's soccer now.  Anyway, Anthony and I have chatted off and on since our initial transaction.  I sent him some Donruss Elite Extra Edition women's soccer cards recently in exchange for a couple bucks and some Orioles cards.  After that, I found three more cards he might like and sent them on to him.
In exchange, he sent me this signed ticket to the 2008 All Star Fan Fest!  The ticket is signed by former Orioles' manager and Hall of Famer, Earl Weaver.  This is a pretty lopsided trade in my favor.  Mainly because Anthony is an awesome dude.

He messaged me on Facebook saying that he had the ticket signed in person at the Fan Fest, the day before the 2008 All Star game.  The ticket was modeled to look like it was from a Yankee Stadium game.  I think it is really awesome.  I'm going to put it in a safe place.  Thanks again for the trade Anthony.  If I find more women's soccer cards, they're definitely on the house because I don't feel that I gave you enough for this ticket!

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