Saturday, March 31, 2012

TTM Success - Mike Sandlock

I spent most of the day today sorting cards and pricing stuff for next Saturday's card show.  If any of you plan on attending, let me know.  If you mention this blog, I'll give you 10% off at the show.

I also went to the post office this morning to send off some packages to some friends who get free cards.  The lady behind the counter knows me, finally, and told me that I would be getting a ball back today because she recognized one of my mailers.  She said she would have gone to the back to get it had it not already gone out for delivery.

The ball I received was this one from Mike Sandlock.  Sandlock, at 96 years old, is 3rd oldest living former baseball player behind Connie Marrero (100) and Ace Parker (99).
Sandlock played in the majors in 1942, 1944-1946 and 1953 for the Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates.  In his career, he had 107 hits, 2 home runs and a .240 batting average.
He played 2 games in the 1942 season for the Boston Braves, and that season the Braves were managed by Casey Stengel.  I sent Mr. Sandlock a note asking about his experience with Stengel and here is what he wrote:

Old Casey - He didn't have a very good club with Boston Braves but he did a great job with the Yanks.  He was a jokester.


I really enjoy getting notes back from the players.  I mailed to Sandlock on March 24 and got my ball back today, March 31, 2012 making him a 7-day TAT.  This was my 50th TTM success.  Mr. Sandlock didn't charge a fee.

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