Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mike Mussina Elected to Orioles Hall of Fame

No mail again today.  Fail.  I'm pretty wiped too, so I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Former Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina has been elected to the Orioles Hall of Fame.  In his 10 years with the Orioles, Mussina had a record of 147-81 with a 3.53 ERA.  He is their third winningest pitcher of all time (behind Jim Palmer's 268 and Dave McNally's 181 and 4 wins ahead of Mike Cuellar's 143).
It was a dark day in Orioles history when Mussina bolted in 2000 for the Yankees.  Many (including myself) blame Orioles' ownership for botching the negotiations and lowballing Moose.  I really wish Mussina had finished his career as an Oriole.  I believe that he will eventually make the Hall of Fame (the National Baseball Hall of Fame, duh), maybe not on his first ballot, but eventually.

Congrats Moose!  Now, hopefully I will have some mail to speak of tomorrow, if not, I'll be grasping at straws as to what I'm going to blog about next...

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Ryan H said...

I definitely don't blame Moose for leaving. The ownership sucked then and still continues to suck to this very day.