Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1969 Topps Hall of Famers From The Kinston Shop

Last Friday, when I picked up those 1959 Topps I wrote about, I found a bunch of 1969 Topps for my set.  The highlights are two Hall of Famers that I was able to get very cheaply.  The first is the below Hoyt Wilhelm.
I also got this Luis Aparicio.  It was an Aparicio day that day because I also got his 1959 card.  I thought I had grabbed an Orlando Cepeda as well, but I think I got mixed up between Aparicio and Cepeda.  that gives me a good reason to go back through his vintage offerings this week when I go in there to redeem my Prime 9 redemption.
It is still a long road ahead for my 1959 and 1969 sets, but I made a nice dent in them this past Friday.  I think I will attack them even harder at the upcoming card show on April 7th.

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Nick said...

Great cards!

Hoyt's 1969 issue is probably my least favorite of him during his playing days, but even his worst card is better than most other cards in my collection. :)