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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

50/50s and More From Gerard

Slowly, I am catching up on some old 50/50 posts.  It helps when I can combine several packages into one post, like this one from Gerard.  He took some 50/50s for me last season, and for whatever reason, I slacked on getting the cards posted to the blog.  He also had a couple signings, and I was able to help contribute to them.  I got a few cards in return that I'm really happy about.

The above 2019 Bowman Chrome green refractor of Hudson Potts was a nice 50/50 that Gerard hooked me up with.  The card looks great and is numbered 64/99.
Gerard knocked out a few Triston Casas cards for me as well.  Each of them looks awesome.
I have a ton of these Bowman Top 100 cards in my prospects box, so getting one out and signed by Casas was nice.  I need to find some folks who can hit some of the other Top 100 guys to help thin that set out of my box.
I pulled every Kelly Shoppach and Jeremy Hermida card I could find to help Gerard with a couple private signings.  Both of these Shoppachs turned out great.
I may have been the happiest about getting these Jeremy Hermidas back signed.  These are some cards and sets that I have very little of, so being able to find them and help with the signing was really nice/

Thanks for the cards, Gerard.  I hope I can send a few more your way soon.

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