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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Some Signed Cards From Jackson T.

My friend, Jackson T., sent me a nice care package recently that had some really nice autos in it.  Jackson often hooks me up with some nice stuff, but I wasn't expecting Joe Maddon to be included.  I knew he had a signing with Maddon recently, but I definitely wasn't expecting the above 2008 Topps, or the 2007 Topps below.
Jackson is going to help me add a few nice cards to my 1987 set, once he gets the signings lined up.  I provide cards for him here and there, and every now and then, I get some bonus cards back.
I did send Jackson a few Willie Montanez cards.  He sent me back the above 1975 SSPC and 1978 Topps.
Finally, here are a 1997 Pinnacle Ed Sprague and a 2004 Just Minors David DeJesus.

Thanks so much for the cards, Jackson!

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