Sunday, January 26, 2014

Continuation of the Trade With Max

I completed a trade with Max of the blog "Starting Nine" back in November.  You can refresh your memory here.  He had some 2013 Topps Spring Fever cards earmarked for me, but at the time of our trade, he hadn't located them.  When he did, he sent them to my mailbox. I think I had this Machado already, but with the way his cards are shooting up, I don't mind another one.  I'll have to look in my Manny PC and see, but this one is nice to have, nonetheless.
I'm pretty sure I didn't have this Cal already.  So, it was nice to see it in my package.  Cal cards are still coming out every year, so it gives me opportunities to add to my PC and have a chance that I'll know whether or not I own the card.

So, thanks for the trade, Max.  I really appreciate it.  Let's do this again!

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