Friday, January 17, 2014

Gift From Michael - 2013 Chris Davis Fan's Choice Bobblehead

I got a box in the mail today from my good friend, Michael.  Inside the box is something he said he was going to send me as a gift a while back, but he didn't have the funds to ship it out immediately.  So, I finally got the 2013 Orioles Fans Choice Chris Davis Bobblehead!  I wanted one when they came out, but they were pretty expensive.  Luckily, he went to the game with several family members who weren't all too interested in keeping the bobbleheads they got, so I was able to get one!

I'm so glad I was able to add it to my collection and I really appreciate Michael thinking of me.  Speaking of Michael, he just started a blog (finally).  Go take a look:  Michael is a really good guy and has a lot of cool memorabilia for trade, and it's not just Orioles memorabilia.  Check it out!

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