Monday, January 27, 2014

More PC Pickups from COMC

Finishing off a batch of COMC cards, here are a few PC needs that I picked up for myself.  First off is the 2013 Bowman Rookie Card blue chrome Stan Musial that I made mention of the other day.  It, like the Feller that I picked up, looks awesome.  I looked up the rest of the Blue Chrome rookies and these are really the only ones I would pursue.  I still need to pick up the Spahn at some point.  I did get the Ted Williams out of a pack and it is earmarked for Scott, while, I pulled two Joe Mauers that I need to send to a good home.  Of course, I need to remind myself where I sat them, first.
Here are a couple more of the 1980-83 Pacific Legends cards, this time Jimmie Foxx (of course) and a Musial.  I also bought a copy of the Musial for my good buddy, Andrew.
So, that wraps up a COMC package, but I have another one on the way.  I sold quite a few things recently, so I have used my store credit to add to my PCs.  Here's to hoping that the sales keep coming so I can continue to grab some cool stuff to show off.

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