Friday, October 30, 2020

TTM Success - John Valentin

I waited a long time for successes to come back up for John Valentin before I sent to him.  I had seen successes in the past, but as I built up a stack of cards to choose from, he stopped signing.  When he popped back up again, I went ahead and sent several cards to get signed finally.

The above 1996 Bowmans Best turned out really well.  These are some really nice cards, and I was glad to get one in my album.
Valentin also signed some other cards like the 1995 Score Season Highlights - unassisted triple play (top left), which looks really cool.  I got a Topps base issue in (top right, 1995 Topps), a 1996 Leaf Preferred (bottom left) and a 1993 Toys R Us Stadium Club Rookie Stars (bottom right).

Finally, there was this 1996 Select Certified that I had found at my LCS a few years ago.  This one also turned out great.

Valentin (b. 1967) played in the majors from 1992 to 2002 for the Red Sox and Mets.  He had 1,093 hits, 124 home runs and a .279 batting average.  He was a Silver Slugger Award winner in 1995 and finished 9th in the AL MVP race that season.

I mailed to Valentin on June 9 and got the cards back on August 15, for a 67-day TAT.

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