Sunday, October 11, 2020

Birthday Gift From Tomie - 1963 Fleer Brooks Robinson

My friend and coworker, Tomie, surprised me at my birthday party with this awesome 1963 Fleer Brooks Robinson.  It was made that much better to learn that Tomie had gotten his card from our mutual friend, Neil.  Since this came out of Neil's personal collection of 1963 Fleer, it means even more.  Neil's first memories of baseball cards were of his dad selling 63 Fleer to convenience stores back then, since his dad was a supplier to those stores.  So, that set and this card have a special connection with him, and that isn't lost on me.

Both Tomie and Neil know how much I love Brooks, and adding this card to my collection is really special!  Thanks to the both of you!


osupremegrandmotherone said...

Awww sweet!!

John Sharp said...

Terrific card of my favorite All-Time 3rd Baseman. 👍