Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Few More Franks From Max

Max was home from school doing some online education, so I went ahead and bought a few more Franks off of him.  These are some pretty nice cards, especially the above 1992 Topps signed in silver Sharpie.
Max chose this 2012 Topps Gold Standard for me, since I couldn't decide on the fourth card out of my lot.  It was a very solid choice, I think.

Finally, here are a 2007 Topps Turkey Red, which always look great when signed, and a 2019 Topps silver pack mojo 1984 Chrome.  The chrome bubbled some.  I just sent a card like that to another Hall of Famer, and I really hope it doesn't come back bubbled, especially given the price I paid.  Fingers crossed on that.

Still, the cards are awesome, as always.  Max is a great guy, and I'm glad I'm able to buy a few of these off of him from time to time.  Thanks Max!

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