Monday, June 1, 2020

TTM Success - John Hale

I added some late 70s cards to my album with this TTM success from John Hale.  The above 1978 Topps is a nice example of an airbrushed photo, as Hale had spent the previous season with the Dodgers.  I think they did a good job on the airbrushing, as opposed to some other cards I've seen.
The 1976 and 1979 Topps cards below are very similar, which I thought was kind of cool.

Hale (b. 1953) played in the majors from 1974 to 1979 for the Dodgers and Mariners.  He had 137 hits, 14 home runs and a .201 batting average.

I mailed to Hale on April 16 and got the cards back on April 25, for a 9-day TAT.

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