Sunday, June 7, 2020

Instagram Trade With Brandon - Several Autos

My friend Brandon messaged me recently to let me know that he was getting out of the hobby and that he had several signed Braves cards from the 1987 Topps set.  He sent me over  alist of who he had, and the only one I needed was Braves legend, Dale Murphy.  I actually had a conversation with Murphy at the National a couple years ago. but of course I don't just walk around with a stash of 87s in my pocket, so I wasn't able to get one signed.  I'm sure Brandon had met him a few times.  Murph was really nice, and I'm glad Brandon was willing to part with it for the stack of Christian Pache cards that I sent him.
I wasn't expecting Brandon to send anything extre in the trade, but he included a bunch of other autos for my album.  I needed all of them, and a couple were pretty unique cards.

I had gotten Barbaro Garbey at a Danville Braves game a while back, and was happy to see this one was a Topps Buyback 86 Topps.  So, it is pretty cool, and was something I definitely didn't have.  The John Mosts is a Topps Tiffany (super glossy version of the original set).
I also liked the 1988 Donruss The Rookies card of Damon Berryhill.  I didn't have any Pedro Florimon cards, either, and these two look great.

Thanks for the deal, Brandon.  I know you'll be back in the hobby sometime in the future.

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