Sunday, November 17, 2019

TTM Success - Jaime Cocanower

Two more 1987 Topps were crossed off of my list when I was able to get these cards signed by Jaime Cocanower.
One of the toughest things to do in this set is try to get all of the guys shown on the team leaders cards.  There are a couple of them that I highly doubt I will finish, but as far as getting every card in the set signed, I think I still can do that.  We'll see, though.

Cocanower (b. 1957) played in the majors from 1983 to 1986 for the Brewers.  He had a career record of 16-25 with 139 strike outs and a 3.99 ERA.

I mailed to Cocanower on September 16 and got the cards back on October 23, for a 37-day TAT.


buckstorecards said...

Really nice looking signature. I should hit up ebay at some point and get one for my 2/14 collection.

Jamie Meyers said...

The Rangers' leaders card has Ricky Wright on it, who is close to impossible. But it also has Bobby Valentine, who you should be able to get if you haven't already. It's quite doable to get at least one guy on each card done (Yankees and Mets are a little tougher) but fairly hard to get them all. Perhaps the easiest are the Cubs and Phillies. The pitching coach on the Brewers card is Herm Starrette, who is deceased. Paul Molitor is on it as well.