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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Two Signed 1987 Topps From Max

Max was able to go to Cubs Convention recently, and he was able to hook me up with some autos on 1987 Topps that I needed.

The above 1987 Rick Sutcliffe was really nice, especially since we both tried to get him this summer when we were at the game at Wrigley.  We missed a little over an inning trying to get Sutcliffe, but were unsuccessful.  I finally have him for the 1987 set, so that helps out a lot.
I sent Max a few Chili Davis cards when I found out he would be a Cubs coach this season.  Max didn't really want any more of his cards, but I was holding out hope that he could pull off some magic and get one signed for me.

Thankfully, Max is amazingly selfless and was able to hook me up.  I really appreciated him helping me out and getting this card done for me.

Thanks so much, Max!  These are headed straight for my album!

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