Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas Gifts From Jill

My sister, Jill really tried.  She went on my blog, found my wishlist, and tried to knock something off of the list for me.  She found this Chrome reprint of Willie Stargell's rookie card and bought it, thinking it was the one I needed off of my list.  I feel bad that it wasn't the true Willie Stargell RC, like she thought it was, but it sincerely is the thought that counts.

Needless to say, I still love this card.  It is graded PSA-9 and looks really nice in person, much better than the scan.  Jill really tried, and I will always love this card, anyway.
She also surprised me with this 1952 Topps Virgil Trucks for the Trucks PC.  I really regret that I never sent off any of his cards to him TTM, as they would look really nice in my album.  I may go ahead and buy a couple autographs on some of his early 50s cards, just so I can have them in the album.

Jill, you did fine on the Christmas gifts.  I love them, and I love you!  Thank you so much!

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