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Monday, January 22, 2018

Christmas Package From Dylan D.

I got a Christmas gift in the mail recently from my friend, Dylan, in Connecticut.  He and I have connected recently and did a few 50/50s this past season.  Dylan sent me a message saying that the package wasn't much, but I really enjoyed what I got.

This Miguel Tejada relic is numbered 386/499 and is a pretty nice card.
I had hoped somewhat that CC Sabathia would sign with the Orioles this winter, but that wasn't the case.  Oh well.  This is still a nice card; from 2012 Topps.
Finally, here are a couple IP autos that Dylan got and sent along.  I had sent him a few Mike Jacobs cards, and I was glad to get one back for my album.  I didn't realize he saw Pat Borders, so I may have to take a look and see if I can send a few back to him.

Thanks so much for the package, Dylan!  I really appreciate it!

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