Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Surprise Package From Dana

I got another surprise package from Dana, recently (one of two, actually.  The other is in my queue to be blogged).  I liked this one so much, because it saved me from having to buy some cards I have been looking at, recently.  The above Museum Collection (I know Andrew can't get enough Museum Collection) Canvas Collection Brooks Robinson will look great in my Brooks PC.  I have been wanting one of these since they came out.
I had also been wanting the Museum Collection base card of Chris Davis for my PC as well.  Thankfully, Dana hooked me up with this as well.  I won't have to use any store credit on COMC to pick one up, now.  I can use that on other stuff, like set needs.
Finally, Dana hooked me up with a ton of Gypsy Queen.  Here is the mini Chris Davis that I got from her.  I think I got each Oriole that was featured in the set, so I probably won't need to buy too many more packs of these.

Thanks so much for the package, Dana!  I have your other one here on my desk.  I've been chipping away at the trade stack and hope to post the other stuff soon, but there are a few things slated ahead of it.

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