Monday, May 19, 2014

Instagram Pickup - 1933 Goudey Jimmie Foxx RC

This card wasn't even on my Top 10 wishlist.  It wasn't on there because I thought it was so far out of reach at the moment, I would concentrate on more realistic goals.  Well, sometimes things just fall into your lap.

I was tagged on a photo on Instagram recently when someone asked what everyone thought the value of this card would be.  Someone commented that I might have an idea.  I gave the guy an honest answer, that it was probably worth around $100 in this condition based on recent Ebay sales. The guy had said he had it listed on Ebay for $40 and thought he had overpriced it.  I commented right away that if he wanted to sell it for $40, then I would be all over it.  Long story short, the card is now in my hands and I can thank Joe D. from Instagram for hooking me up with an amazing card for my Foxx PC.
I've never been a fan of graded cards at all, but this card, you'd have to buy it graded to be sure that it was legit.  I don't even care that the card is graded at a 1.  I'm just happy to own a Jimmie Foxx RC. A 1933 Goudey RC.  It's so awesome, I can't take it!

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