Tuesday, May 20, 2014

COMC Pickups - Some Set Needs and a Cheap Relic

I had a good bit of store credit built up on COMC so I figured it would be a good time to use a little bit of it to knock off a couple set needs.  Above is the 1959 Phillies team card, card #8 in the set. That low number has been mocking me in my needs list, so I finally figured out which card it was and took it out.  The back is unmarked and the card is in pretty good shape.  I got the card for $13.25, which was lower than any I saw on Ebay at the time, so I guess I did ok.
Anything I overspent on the Phillies checklist, I made up for here.  I got this Nolan Reimold Futures Game relic for $1.15 off of COMC.  That's right, $1.15.  What a shame that he can't stay healthy because Nolan is great when he is on the field.  I'm glad I was able to get this card so cheap, but I'm hoping he comes back, hits a ton and his stuff goes back up in value.
Finally, I added another 1948 Bowman to my set with this Billy Johnson for $7.75.  The card has the major crease in the bottom right corner, but it fits right into my set and I'm glad to have it.  Now, my store credit is low again, so I need to sell some more stuff!

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