Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cards From Carson

As I spend this evening embroiled in a trade negotiation with a kid who loves to waste my time, I thought I would post tonight about one of the kids on Instagram who happens to be one of the youngest, albeit one of the best traders on that venue.  Carson.  I have traded with him a bunch of times and he is on my short lst of people on there that I send to regardless of whether or not I have something coming from him in return.

I forget what I sent Carson this time around, but he hooked me up with some nice Orioles relics like the above A&G Murray and the below Tier One Adam Jones.
I have really enjoyed my time on Instagram, even though I can complain about it a lot.  I love helping kids build their collections, but sometimes you end up with some kids whose parents haven't really taught them how to interact with people.  Then, you meet someone like Carson (and his dad, Tim) who makes everything worthwhile.

Thanks for the trade, again, Carson!

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