Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awesome Trade With James

I completed a trade with my friend, James, whom I met on Instagram recently when I picked up some Mark Trumbo and Wade Miley needs that he had in exchange for the above Cal Ripken manufactured relic and some vintage cards.

The Ripken card is pretty awesome and is heavy as crap!  I was surprised when I got it, how heavy it was. It was also nice that James had a Ripken card that I needed for my collection.
James also included some vintage cards that I needed for my sets, which included this 1959 Mike Baxes and the below Sandy Alomar.
James is a really cool guy and I was more than happy to help him with his collection.  In exchange for my helping him get those cards, he also sent me some extra vintage cards.
The extra vintage cards were these two, which were really nice.  I appreciated James understanding my love for vintage.
The best part of the package, though, was the awesome letter that James included.  I always try to write a note when I send in a trade package, and James feels the same way.  It doesn't take much time at all to thank someone for taking the time to search cards and find a match with you, so why not put a note in? Well, James's note was a full-page letter and it was something that I will appreciate forever.

Thanks for the trade, James.  I know we will be making a ton more in the future!

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