Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cards From Mom

I visited my parents' house a couple weeks ago and when I got up that Saturday morning, my mom greeted me with a couple blasters of cards that she had picked up.  Mom has been asking me when I was going to post about the boxes on here, well, what better day than Mother's Day?

You see, my mom is the one who really got me into cards.  She would always take me to the card shop when I was younger and would spoil me with tons of cards.  I always enjoyed it, I mean who wouldn't?  The best part, though, was that Mom always bought some packs, too.  She had as big a collection as I did back then.  Too bad the both of us didn't know that those cards would be part of the era known as the "Overproduction Era."  Oh well, the memories of sitting in Mom's car, opening packs (which, is a habit that still carries over - whenever I buy packs, I always open them up in the car) and sneaking the cards into the house so Dad didn't find out is something I will always remember.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I love you and thanks for getting me started (Mallory thanks you too!).

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