Saturday, May 24, 2014

Instagram Purchase From Kyle - 2011 Gypsy Queen Brooks Robinson Auto

This card is actually the first thing I bought with my Abreu money, but it happened to get covered by some other recent purchases.  Luckily, I have time this extended weekend to catch up somewhat on blog posts, so I was able to push this forward.

Kyle was the first person I completed a successful trade with on Instagram.  I had been scammed by some punk kid and was going to stop trading on there before I even got started.  I gave the venue another chance and met Kyle (we traded for that Triple Threads Brooks Robinson).  We chat often and he is one of my favorite people on Instagram.  He is the guy who got me to stick around, and I'm really glad because I have gotten some awesome stuff off of there.

This card is an on-card auto and looks really sharp!  I was glad I could get it from Kyle, since I had been watching it for a long time.
As a throw-in, Kyle added this IP autograph of Mike Yastrzemski, an Orioles prospect and the grandson of Hall of Famer, Carl Yastrzemski.  I got to see Mike play for Vanderbilt last year while I was visiting my brother, Adam in South Carolina.  That was a Vandy vs Gamecocks game that Adam took us to, and we had an awesome time.  Little did I know that Yastrzemski would become an Oriole.

Thanks so much, Kyle.  You're a great guy and I'm glad I stuck around, thank you!

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