Friday, September 25, 2020

TTM Success - PJ Walters

These are some cards that I held in my "to be TTMed box" that I really wanted to get signed.  They were held because PJ Walters had signed TTM with a club, but there wasn't yet a good address I could use from my Harvey book, and finally sent the cards on their way.

Of course, the reason I really wanted to send to him TTM was the above 2009 Topps Update black parallel.  I really wanted it signed, and just bided my time.  Now, the card is signed, and all is well.

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with just one card, so I sent the 2009 Topps Update base and a 2007 Bowman Chrome.  Both of these cards look nice, too.

Walters (b. 1985) played in the majors from 2009 to 2013 for the Cardinals and Twins.  He had a career record of 6-10 with 104 strike outs and a 6.28 ERA.

I mailed to Walters on April 22 and got the cards back on July 6, for a 75-day TAT.

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