Friday, September 18, 2020

TTM Success - Keith Hughes

I had intended to get this posted earlier in the day, but I spent the entire evening helping Chris with his homework.  Yay.  Anyway, Here are some cards I got signed by former Oriole, Keith Hughes.
Hughes signed 5 cards for me, and getting the Rochester Red Wings card signed was nice.  I can't remember who, but someone sent me that 1988 team set, and I was glad to get another of those signed.  He also signed a 1990 CMC AAA card (above left), 1988 Topps (above middle) and a 1988 Donruss (above right).

I also got this 1991 Crown Orioles card signed.

Hughes (b. 1963) played in the majors in 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1993 for the Yankees, Phillies, Orioles, Mets and Reds.  He had 41 hits, 2 home runs and a .204 batting average.

I mailed to Hughes on June 1 and got the cards back on June 25, for a 24-day TAT.

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