Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sox and Cubs Fest Autos From Max

I can always count on my good friend, Max, to take some cards off of my hands and turn them into signed cards for my autograph album.  This year, I got a nice return from both Cubs and Sox Fests, and the autographs are really great.

I was excited about the above Zack Collins that I had pulled out of a pack a month or so ago.  It had gotten damaged in transit to Max, but you can't tell from the scan.
He hooked me up with some nice Will Venable cards, especially the above 2013 emerald parallel.  You can't see the auto too well from the scan, but it is there.
Getting these two Venables was nice, too, because they had hung out in my Bowman box for quite a long time.
These Randy Hundley cards turned out well.  He has a funky signature, and you can definitely see that on the 1973 Topps that he signed (right).
Here are a couple horizontal cards that look really nice.
Max got me a whole bunch of cards signed.  I have no more Ed Farmer in my bulk boxes, which is nice.  I always enjoy moving stuff out of those boxes and either into my album or as trade bait.
We were able to fix my issue of not having a Daryl Boston for my 1987 set.  I forgot to send him one last year, and this year, we made sure one got done.
 He also got these Bostons signed, and they all look nice.
I was upset that I bought a Bowman Hi Tek Nicky Delmonico at the National last year, and misplaced it.  It would have looked nice when signed.  Still, I got some nice stuff back, and the 2010 Ryan Sweeney turned out really well (top left).
Here are a few more of the cards Max got done for me.  The 1976 Traded (bottom left) was a nice addition to the album.
Finally, I have a signed Pete LaCock card for my album.  This 1978 Topps is really nice, and I'm gad Max hooked me up with it.

Thanks so much, as always, Max.  I hope you were able to get some good stuff for yourself, also.  I can't wait til the next signing takes place and we can put some more of my bulk cards to use.

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