Monday, January 30, 2012

Trade With Blog Reader Oliver

I got an email last week from a blog reader named Oliver asking if I would like to swing a trade for some Oriole 2011 Topps Cognac parallels.

I traded him a 2011 Topps Lineage Johnny Gomes Auto for ten Orioles.  Here are a couple:
 I am going to try to get as many of the Nolan Reimold parallels as I can.  I doubt I will be able to find the Canary Diamond as it is a 1/1, but I will definitely keep an eye out for it.  I have seen the diamond and Hope Diamond parallels going really chaep on Ebay, so I should be able to add those pretty soon.  I also want to get his base parallels, so I will be looking for the Target Red Exclusive, Gold and Black parallels, as well as anything else I'm missing.  If any of you have them, I'd love to trade!
Speaking of my PCs, I also want to do the same for my Brian Roberts PC.  Might ought to go ahead and do the same for Markakis as well, since I have his Hope Diamond.  I think these are really cool looking cards.  I hope 2012 has some nice parallels as well.

Thanks for the trade Oliver.  I would definitely love to trade again and I'll keep you in mind if I come across more Reds autos and relics.

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Ryan H said...

I actually have the Canary Diamond already.... at least in my fantasyland mind.