Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TTM Success - Les Mueller

Today, I received a TTM success from another member of the 1945 World Champion Tigers, Les Mueller.

I mailed to Mr. Mueller on January 7, 2012 and received the ball back today, January 17, 2012, making him a 10-day TAT.  Mueller signed my ball for free.  I had included questions (much like I did with Milt Welch), but didn't get any answers back.  One look at the signature can tell you that Mr. Mueller is well up there in age (he is 92).

Les Mueller (b. 1919) played for two seasons in the majors (1941 and 1945) for the Tigers.  He had a career record of 6-8 with a 3.78 ERA and 50 strikeouts.  He pitched two scoreless innings in the 1945 World Series.  Mueller also, according to his Wikipedia page, pitched in 19 2/3 innings in a single game and left having given up only one run.  Let's see one of today's pitchers top that...

Mueller is my 44th TTM success and is the 4th living member out of 5 from the 1945 Tigers that I have gotten TTM.  The last one I need is Ed Mierkowicz.

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